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    Qingdao GFS Certification


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    "GMP" is the abbreviation of Good Manufacturing Practice. It is an autonomous management system that pays special attention to the implementation of product quality, health and safety in the production process. It is a set of mandatory standards applicable to pharmaceutical, food and other industries, requiring enterprises to meet the sanitary quality requirements in terms of raw materials, personnel, facilities and equipment, production process, packaging and transportation, quality control and other aspects according to the relevant national laws and regulations, and to form a set of operable operation specifications to help enterprises improve the sanitary environment of enterprises, timely identify problems in the production process and improve them. In brief, GMP requires that food production enterprises should have good production equipment, reasonable production process, perfect quality management and strict detection system to ensure that the quality of final products (including food safety and hygiene) meets the regulatory requirements.

    GMP is the specific requirements and necessary good quality control measures for strict monitoring of all links and aspects in the food production process, so as to form and improve the quality assurance system. GMP focuses on the whole production process of finished products before leaving the factory, not just on the final products. Its purpose is to ensure the food quality from the whole process.