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  • Qingdao GFS Certification


    Qingdao GFS Certification


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    About China's Good Agricultural Practice Certification

    Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) is the abbreviation of Good Agricultural Practices. In a broad sense, GAP, as an applicable method and system, ensures food safety and food quality through economic, environmental and social sustainable development measures. GAP is mainly aimed at the hazard control of microorganisms common in the process of planting, harvesting, cleaning, placing, packaging and transportation of most fruits and vegetables that are unprocessed and the simplest processed  products sold to consumers and processing enterprises. It focuses on the production and packaging of fresh fruits and vegetables, but not limited to farms, including all steps of the entire food chain from farm to table.

    Certification Benefits

    Through GAP certification, the standardization level of agricultural production can be improved, the internal quality and safety level of agricultural products can be improved, and the consumer confidence can be enhanced.

    GAP certification has become an important condition for the import and export of agricultural products. Products that have passed GAP certification will have stronger competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets. The sales price of products certified by GAP is higher than that of non-certified products of the same kind. Therefore, the added value of products can be increased through GAP certification, thus increasing the income of certified enterprises and producers.

    Through GAP certification, it is beneficial to enhance the safety awareness and environmental awareness of producers and to protect the health of workers.

    Through GAP certification, it is beneficial to protect the ecological environment and increase the biodiversity of nature, and to the ecological balance of nature and the sustainable development of agriculture.