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    Antibiotic Product Certification

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    What is Antibiotic  Certification?

    Antibiotic  products refer to the products that use feed completely free of antibiotics, hormones, psychotropic drugs, preservatives, pigments, lean meat essence and other drugs to realize the whole process of non-antibiotic feeding of livestock and poultry, and the residual amount of antibiotics in meat, eggs and milk products meet the current EU safety meat standards.

    Because animals have been using feed containing antibiotics for a long time, the drug resistance of microorganisms in the body is increasing, the resistance of animals to diseases is getting worse and worse, and the dose of antibiotics is also increasing when treating diseases. People eat meat, eggs and dairy products containing antibiotic residues, which leads to an increase in drug resistance of microorganisms in the human body. Thirty years ago, the treatment effect of antibiotics used in human body was very obvious. The injection of 200000 units of penicillin can achieve good treatment effect. With the widespread abuse of antibiotics, the treatment amount of antibiotics has reached 1.2 million units or more. This situation makes people realize the serious harm of antibiotics to people and animals. The EU has banned the addition of antibiotics in livestock and poultry feed since January 2006. At present, it is internationally recognized that the absence of antibiotics in livestock and poultry breeding is an important standard to reflect the safety of meat and egg food.

    The Antibiotic  Product Certification Specification is a specification for establishing the production process management mechanism, quality monitoring requirements and traceability system of antibiotic products according to the national standard antibiotic use requirements. The purpose is to guide enterprises to adopt anti-drug production technology, strengthen the quality control of the whole production process of anti-drug products, and produce anti-drug products. The scope of application mainly involves the production enterprises of Antibiotic  products such as aquaculture and food processing, and serves as the basis for certification bodies to carry out the certification of Antibiotic  products.

    Prohibition of the use of antibiotics has gradually become the consensus of the industry and society. The European Union, Japan and South Korea have banned the use of antibiotics and growth agents in feed, and the FDA of the United States has also strictly controlled the use of antibiotics. In recent years, China has also attached great importance to food safety. The report of the 19th CPC National Congress clearly put forward the implementation of food safety strategy. The state has issued some regulations and opinions on the construction of quality certification system, the control of drug resistance of animal-derived bacteria, and the elimination of food safety hazards.