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    Qingdao GFS Certification


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    GLOBALGAP (renamed from EurepGAP) certification, also known as Global Good Agricultural Practice certification, is established as a major reference for good agricultural practices within the global market. GLOBALGAP Certification converts consumer demand for agricultural products into agricultural cultivation and is quickly recognized in many countries. By August 2007, Global Gap had covered more than 80 countries, and more than 80,000 growers had been certified.

    The GLOBALGAP certification standard covers the entire process from planting to harvesting of certified products. As the source of the whole food supply chain, the safety of agricultural products is paid more and more attention by consumers. In order to solve the problem of food safety at the source, many supermarket groups in Europe that control the retail market have pioneered the development of GAP (good agricultural practice) control system standards for the planting/breeding process, and their control systems focus on the entire process from the soil to the table.

    The GLOBALGAP certified Standard contains the following five units

    · Crops (including fresh fruit and vegetable standards, flower and ornamental plant standards, field crops standard, green coffee standard, tea standard module)

    · Livestock and poultry (including cattle and sheep, cows, pigs, poultry modules)

    · Aquatic products (including salmon modules)

    · Animal feed

    · Breeding materials