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    ISO22000 Food Safety Management System

    as consumer demand for safe food grows, many companies are developing food quality and safety management systems based on hazard analysis and Critical Control points (HACCP), and in 2001, ISO set out to establish an auditable standard, This standard further deepens HACCP's role in the Food safety management system, bringing the latest molded ISO 22000 to the pinnacle of development.

    The ISO 22000 standard attempts to define food safety management requirements for companies that need to comply with and exceed food safety rules worldwide.

    The standard covers the needs of all consumers and markets. It accelerates and simplifies procedures without compromise with other quality and food safety management systems.

    ISO 22000 is an international certification standard that defines the requirements of a food safety management system. It is suitable for all organizations, throughout the supply chain-from agricultural to food services, processing, transportation, storage, retail and packaging.

    ISO22000 has created a harmonious safety standard that has been recognized all over the world. By integrating multiparty principals, multiple methods, and applications, ISO22000 has become easier to understand, apply, and identify. This makes it a more efficient and fast market entry tool than the previous integration of multinational standards.

    ISO 22000 sets out the requirements of a food safety management system, combined with recognized key elements, to ensure food safety from the food chain to the last point of consumption:

    · providing international coverage of interactive communication across the supply chain

    · in line with HACCP principles – Hazard Analysis, identification of key control points (CCP's), establishment of hazard links, Monitoring CCP's, establishing corrective measures, keeping records, validation and verification

    · spontaneous and necessary standards.

    · Establish a structural system management process Control in accordance with ISO 9001

    · Systematic management

    · Process control