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    The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is an international non-profit organization. Its purpose is to promote the development of sustainable fisheries and ensure the supply of marine products now and in the future.

    MSC ecological label is a sustainable label of seafood recognized by the Global Association for Sustainable Aquatic Products Initiative (GSSI) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (UN FAO). The blue MSC ecological label is convenient for buyers to choose sustainable and reliable wild seafood.

    MSC fishery certification projects include fishery certification and chain of custody certification.

    The three key principles of MSC fishery certification (sustainable fish resources, minimizing the impact on the environment and effective fisheries management) ensure that the fishery certified by MSC can meet or approach the requirements of sustainable fishing.


    The MSC chain of custody standard is to ensure the traceability of MSC certified seafood in the circulation process and to isolate it from non-certified products. For different types of enterprises, there are three standards for the chain of custody of production and marketing.

    1. MSC chain of custody standard version - applicable to most companies with one or more sites;

    2. MSC chain of custody standard group version - applicable to large group companies that span different regions and countries and have many sites. The sampling method can save a lot of costs.

    3. MSC's production and marketing chain of custody is consumer-oriented site standard - applicable to enterprises providing products or services to end consumers, including single restaurant, fish counter or multi-site chain restaurant. If the scale is large, you can also apply for sampling certification, such as a large number of stores with or without warehouses.

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