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    • TBS(Traceability System)

      TBS(Traceability System)

      The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) defines the concept of traceability as the ability to track the history and use or location of goods or behaviors through registered ident...

    • FSMA


      The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is a significant change to US food safety legislation with the prevention of food contamination the key focus. The legislative changes im...

    • GMPC/ISO22716


      Good Manufacturing Practice which was first promulgated by the United States Congress in 1963 to regulate drug production. This is also the first GMP in the world. In 1992, the FDA fo...

    • GMP


      "GMP" is the abbreviation of Good Manufacturing Practice. It is an autonomous management system that pays special attention to the implementation of product quality, health and safety in t...

    • Non-GMO


      Genetically modified organisms (Non-GMO) are defined as conventional, natural plants, animals and microorganisms that do not use genetic engineering technology. This definition is defined i...

    • Gluten-Free


      Gluten-Free gluten-free certification program is a set of voluntary certification programs developed and developed by CCA, the Canadian Abdominal Cavity Association. Through the glu...



      About China's Good Agricultural Practice Certification Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) is the abbreviation of Good Agricultural Practices. In a broad sense, GAP, as an applicable m...

    • Antibiotic Product Certification

      Antibiotic Product Certification

      What is Antibiotic  Certification? Antibiotic  products refer to the products that use feed completely free of antibiotics, hormones, psychotropic drugs, preservatives, pigments, le...

    • Selenium-rich food certification

      Selenium-rich food certification

      Selenium-rich food refers to the food whose main raw materials are primary agricultural products naturally enriched with organic selenium, and whose selenium content is more than 30% NR...